Flaxseed Oil for animals way cheaper??????

  1. Flaxseed Oil for animals way cheaper??????

    Has anyone used flaxseed oil for animals?????? They sell it by the gallon for about half the price of the stuff that I buy.As every1 knows this stuff is expensive, and being that it is a staple of my diet I would like to save some cash if I can.The stuff made for animals seems to be the same except for a rosemary derived antioxidant. Thoughts ne1?

  2. I'm interested to hear as well. I've seen amazing prices on gallons of liquid joint supplements for horses (glucosamine, msm, halyuric acid etc) which also looks exactly the same as what we would buy for humans, except that human form is encapsulated.. Huge price jump in this stuff.

  3. don't touch non-human products. They are not clean, they may contain different chemicals and ingredients, may contain concentration of something that beneft that speicif animal type yet poison to us, etc.

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