How is Pre Surge Unleashed's Focus Effect in comparison to Jack3d

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    How is Pre Surge Unleashed's Focus Effect in comparison to Jack3d

    I wondered how is Pre Surge Unleashed's Focus Effect in comparison to Jack3d?

    I like Jack3d for its focus effect, but to be working good, for me personally I need to take 5 scoops of it. At that dose price becomes more or less an issue, meaning that 1 tub just goes for 9 days.

    I have been looking at other products, I like to ingredient profile of pre surge unleashed, currently I'm taking my own mix of geranamine, tyrosine and caffeine, it comes close to Jack3d's focus effect, but it is not quite the same. I'm already looking at an 98% schizandra a. extract I can get from China, but I need to buy it in bulk. And I'm not sure if I want to buy 1 kg of the stuff.

    Anyhow, this Pre Surge Unleashed may not have schizandra a (the ingredient for focus in Jack3d), but some other ingredients for focus.

    I would appreciate input from people who have tried both products and can give their opinion.

  2. Like it a lot have 2 bottles

  3. I second that, just finished up my first bottle and really enjoyed it. On this forum you will not find too many reviews. Two scoops and im awake, three scoops and im off the wall. With three scoops the focus factor is very good.

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