by FAR the best tasting protein product i have ever tasted. i am not sure if i believe their claims that drinking it post w/o is a good idea. they claim their "special" fats are ok post workout.

however, other than post w/o, and on a taste basis, it is BY FAR the best tasting protein product i have ever tasted. Nothing is even close.

so many other products CLAIM to taste like a milkshake. whatEver.

this one does. phenomenal taste. hella expensive, but very tasty.

i have tried the strawberry. i read somewhere that among the people who make this stuff, that strawberry flavoring is the hardest to create artificially. if you can pull of good strawberry, you rock.

and this ROCKS.

i would LIKE to take 5 servings a day. but that would be 1/3 a container, and the containers are EXPENSIVE.

7 bucks a day for an extra 160 gms of protein is stiff.

ireally wish they would make it in a 10 lb jug and make it cheaper

but it's so good, i'm still gonna buy it.

btw, those new grilled chicken sandwiches at McD's are good, too.

wow, a glass of strawberry flavored muscle milk with nonfat milk, a McD's lean grilled chicken sandwich, and an apple for dessert sounds really good right now