Pink Magic, DHT, & Hairloss

  1. Pink Magic, DHT, & Hairloss

    I was wondering if anyone knows how Pink Magic would affect DHT and hairloss. I'm eager to try it, but I'm also VERY concerned about my hairline/hairloss so I'm not going to start taking something unless I know how it will affect that.

    If it does worsen hairline/hairloss for those pre-disposed for losing hair, would it still be worth taking, and with what to balance? Finasteride? Topical Finasteride/Dutasteride?

    I've heard some people's hairlines got destroyed when taking Prime, so thats why I'm cautious about USP's latest product

    Thanks in advance

  2. How would prime affect one's hairline? It is non-hormonal or so I thought!

  3. Increase in natural test = increase in DHT , so i understand what your asking.

    To be honest i dont think pink magic raises your test enough to be worried...

  4. I'm very much pre-disposed to mpb but have it well under control with a minox+aa topical and a solid internal regimen (biotin, magnesium, vit d, selenium, etc). 3 weeks of Pink Magic has not negatively affected my hair in any way.

  5. On my third week of pm and no lost of hairline. I'm just like u. Very worried about my hairline so no sides on hairline

  6. Btw I'm taking prime with tcf-1 again no hairline lost. Thank god lol

  7. Actually Snagagency said it gave him thicker hair...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  8. I was worried about the same thing. I am currently stacking Prime, PM and powerfull for a month and have noticed no change in my hairline. If anything changes I will post it here.


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