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  1. Ragnarok Ultra

    THis product seems to give me very good strength gains and some size. However, i go from 195 to 205 in about a few weeks? Is this due to creatine. My diet stays the same and i definately want to keep my lean physic but i am afraid i am gaining too much water from the creatine? Can someone help me out on this. I think pre max is a total waste of money. I get nothing on strength gains. Decent pumps on it but rag stim free seems to give me that great strength feeling and great pumps. Overall great supplement but not sure about the overall creatine aspect of it? I dont want to get bloated and i am thinking going from 195 to 205 is bloating a little? ANy ideas on another product or what might be going on?

  2. Use the mirror man. If you don't look bloated then it is intramuscular water which is a good thing.

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