Amercial Pure whey...anyone uses it? feedback?

  1. Amercial Pure whey...anyone uses it? feedback?

    hey guys..
    anyone here used this brand of whey protein isolate/protein matrix? what do you feel about? which flavors have you tried and liked? thinking of switching my current brand..any feedback greatly appreciated..

  2. now foods whey isolate is a very good one

  3. did you mean American Whey?? and is it totally lactose free? thats what superhumanradio ad says but the label doesnt indicate that it is lactose free

  4. American Whey was busted for not having the proper nutritional information (not as much protein as advertised, more carbs and fat, undisclosed ingredients) and also had too many rats/bugs/contaminants in their facilities. It's cheap for a reason, stay away.

  5. hey guys..sorry i did mean 'American' . but i am talking about American pure whey. i believe the American whey you guys are talking about is different right??i saw some post about the clarification on another related thread.... or have i got this all the wrong way around??

  6. Quote Originally Posted by brownchoclit View Post
    i am talking about this one below..
    looks a loooot like all the whey to me

  7. use NLN's Lean Pro Matrix


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