1. Fasciculations

    which cause and best supp x Benign Fasciculations?(involuntary muscle contraction)
    stress ?
    low magnesium?
    high cortisol?

  2. i hear a lot of older folks say stress(in daily life) causes it, ive noticed it after a really hard workout. usually happens in my tricep and it just flickers all day... incredibly annoying

    the really fast flickering feeling is what your talking about, correct?

  3. yes man my shoulders and my calves dont stop flickering when training hard

  4. anyone?

  5. You guys are talking about Twitching, basically right lol?

    Where your hand maybe doing nothing and one of your muscles just starts to Twitch?

    (Aside from the possiblity that your tweaked out from Crack) just kiddin lol, I'll check in my medical book I got when I get home, had the exact reasons listed in there if im not wrong. Muscle contractions bring Magnesium/Calcium/Potassium/Electrolytes into mind though. Anybody care to explain meanwhile and confirm wether this Twitching of muscles is due to a lack of a particular mineral or minerals?

  6. i think the only way is make a blood test but x me magnesium works very well!

  7. im not an expert or know a lot about this but im gonna make a guess on maybe a deficiency in something like potassium or something that help muscles relax
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