USP labs. Super Cissus RX Transdermal???

  1. USP labs. Super Cissus RX Transdermal???

    Hey everyone. Can anyone (USP Labs) give any input as to weather or not this would be a good idea? The research I've done shows Cissus Quadrangularis (the main ingredient and Super Cissus RX) to have a molecular weight of 384.42. So shouldn't it be a good mix with "Penetrate"? If so, one could apply it directly on problem areas.

    To go even farther with it, in theory a little DMSO added would help absorption and strengthen anti-inflamatory effects as well I think.

    Any feed back would be nice.

  2. Anyone lol?

  3. interesting. WHy not take a bath in super cissus lol.

  4. Maybe a Mod could move this to the "Transdermal" section please.

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