help setting up next m drol cycle

  1. help setting up next m drol cycle

    I just finished up the pct for my first ph cycle of h drol w/ 11-oxo bridge, and I was very pleased with the results. Added about 10 lbs of lean mass and kept most of my gains during pct.

    So it's time to set up my next cycle and I would like to give m-drol a try because of all the good things I've heard about it, as well as for money reasons it seems to be the best value ph. I know the sides can be harsh, but I experienced virtually no sides during my h drol cycle, just low libido during my last week of the h drol and then it kicked back up again when I started the 11-oxo.

    Some stats..
    210 lbs
    ~14% bf
    22 yrs old

    This is what I was thinking for dosing:

    M-Drol: 10mg for 3 or 4 days /20/20/20
    Pre-load cycle support and fish oil of course.

    I am undecided on what to use for pct. I used nolva w/ test booster for my last cycle (20/10/10/10) which worked well, but I've heard that tamoxifen can be harsh on the liver so I was thinking about giving clomid a shot w/ an AI either aromasin or arimidex, not sure which is best? Or should I just roll with 6-oxo? Also, should I toss in a cortisol blocker?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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