All The Whey replacement needed

  1. All The Whey replacement needed

    I like the taste of all the whey but more important i never felt bloated or gassy while taking All the Whey isolate.

    With that said i need a new Whey Protein. they supply of ALL the Whey is iffy at best. can't use what i can't buy.

    toss some brands out there. if you used all the whey before let me know

  2. Never used ATW but I currently am trying Trutein and I like it overall. They also sell Casein, Whey and Egg separately. Go to the Company promotions and read reviews and check out the site.


    their premium flavors are supposedly great, and they have all sorts of choices

  4. I'm loving Nutrapro myself have vanilla cake batter and strawberries and cream both are great flavors.

  5. I'm going to have to give another + for NutraPro. On my second tub and I plan on using it indefinitely. Great stuff, I personally have had no stomach issues(but ATW didn't bother me really either, so take the way I'm affected with a grain of salt). I went from Gold Standard to ATW and then to NutraPro. NP is so far the best of them(although I enjoyed ATW). Not a bad price for 5 lbs either

    GL finding one

  6. musclegauge, is technically ATW if im not mistaken, sometiems thats in stock whre ATW isnt,
    NOW whey isolate, or Dymatize iso100

  7. Quote Originally Posted by JN230 View Post
    musclegauge, is technically ATW if im not mistaken, sometiems thats in stock whre ATW isnt,
    NOW whey isolate, or Dymatize iso100
    Muscle Gauge has been having all kinds of problems lately....poor customer service, extremely back ordered, complaints of the product having the consistency of sand and not mixing properly....many of the same complaints that ATW has had the past several months.

    My picks would be True Protein if you're west coast or Protein Factory if you're east coast (picking one closer to you just gets you the product faster).

  8. nutrapro is good for low price, and their flavoring is amazing.

  9. I know about a company coming out on 9/11 w/great pricing + COA's with every order. Their Protein Powder is made in the USA from a fresh and rich source of milk from the American Midwest under the supervision of the USDA and the FDA. From what I am told your product ships next day or its free!!

  10. The people running muscle gauge used to work at ATW. ATW had a ton of issues internally, these guys split off. Lawsuits ensued. It's a very deep story, one I won't put out here. I personally wouldn't buy from either of those companies. I would not manufacture a protein at either one of those places for good reason.

  11. I was in the smae boat about 3 months ago and had been an ATW customer for 6 years. Ordered NutraBio and they were just too inconsistent. I order 15-25 lbs at a time and NutraBio sent me 3, 5 lbs instead of the bulk bag (wastes of plastic IMO), when I called they said I was lucky bc I would have normally had to wait a week to get more in bulk, but they gave me the 3 at the bulk price. Problem was one tasted super minty (I love choc-mint), the other super choc, and the other a decent mix of the two. When I called to order more, the rep told me I was lucky they shipped it in 3 sperate containers (I'm not one to be told I was "lucky" when I'm spending well over 100 bucks with you), she understood there was inconsistencies and she had heard of it before, but not in "that batch". Didn't offer to send me a sample of thier current batch or waive shipping (you can get free shipping if you pick the RIGHT auction to buy it from and if you don't and you call in, they will tell you they are sorry, pay for shipping and piss up a rope [albeit the shipping is cheap). Needless to say, I ordered twice, burnt twice, won't order from them anymore.

    Now I use American Pure Whey and have been very satisfied. I just saw a promo code for 20lbs for around 122, right now I pay 130 so I will as my rep tomorrow if he will honort the 122 price with the code. I'll post when I know. It is Isolate as well.

  12. There is so much bull**** going on with bulk protein suppliers right now, it's not even funny. Don't believe me? Go send some of these out for a full amino test, watch what comes back.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by 1Fast400 View Post
    There is so much bull**** going on with bulk protein suppliers right now, it's not even funny. Don't believe me? Go send some of these out for a full amino test, watch what comes back.
    I thnk you're right. I just bought a 5lb tub of American Whey by MGN. It tastes too sweet to have only 2g sugar. Maybe its the added fat content, but I also noticed the carbs went up, fat up, and protein down in that blend vs their comparable products. I wouldn't be surprised either bout the aminos..might be my last tub not sure yet..

  14. I think Nutrapro is the best bet personally. It is my go to post workout protein

    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  15. Nutrapro ftw, tastes damn good!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  16. I just got 20 LBS of whey isolate from American Pure Whey (i posted above), but what I wanted to mention is for over 7 years I have been buying chocolate protein (or choc mint). I have branched out a few time just to be disappointed, but I read about thier Cake Batter flavor, so I figured what the hell. I know, big risk with that much on order, but I am about to start epistane so I knew I would use it regardless of taste.
    The taste is freaking amazing and it mixes better than the chocolate. I think I'll alternated. I want to mix the two together, but am out of choc (I do have some casien, so I'll try that), they maybe I'll order 10 of each if I like the combo. But this stuff taste amazing, like cake icing. I mix mine with pineapple juice so it is already sweet, but Jesus this stuff makes me look forward to each and every shake.

    Hope this helps.

  17. I like Need2Whey and TP's ISO-'s are nice also.

  18. I prefer protein blends. I see better results from them over pure whey. I've used a lot of Irontek 100% natural protein (stevia); I love the stevia, it's very tasty, but it got expensive where I was buying. I switched to Dymatize Elite Gourmet, very tasty, cheap, and high quality. I just got my second ever tub of LG Lipotropic protein (vanilla), and I'm sold. AWESOME ingredients, good flavor (especially considering the array of protein sources), and GREAT pricing.


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