Need a PH that wont make me piss dirty

  1. Need a PH that wont make me piss dirty

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  2. any of them will make you fail a drug test that is testing for ped's.

    what are you doing that is going to test for steroids? these are extremely rare.

  3. law enforcement is what I do. Its not worth my job for a few pounds of muscle. and "ped's"...educate me please...

  4. performancing enhancing drugs.

    is there a list anywhere of banned substances for your tests?

    in the sports world any of the ph's and designers out there would make you piss dirty. i mean a ph converts to a steroid in your body right. like the tren xtreme (if it was of the 19-nor variety) converts to nandrolone (though only 5%) in your body. nandrolone is better known as deca.

    do you actually get tested for this though and not just illicit drugs?

  5. its been done before when people gain muscle mass quick. so I guess PH's arent for me?

  6. i would not risk it unless you had an updated list of all banned substances to work with.

  7. I also work in law enforcment, you union should have a book that has to stae evreything you are being tested for and I can almost gurantee there not checking for roids...

  8. your right, they dont test for roids when it comes down to an ois (the only time they draw blood). But, a few months ago, a coworker got "suspiciously" big within 6 months (about 40 lbs of lean muscle) and somehow he got tested. this guy was ripping out of his uniform and needless to say, he was fired.


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