Slim Xtreme re-released! any thoughts?

  1. Slim Xtreme re-released! any thoughts?

    just ran into this, its in the NP store and its re-released...

    what are your thoughts?
    Slim Xtreme from Anabolic Xtreme - $35.99 -
    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 1 Capsule
    Servings per Container: 45

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    SX Proprietary Blend 450 mg **
    Cocoa Seed concentrate (standardized for methylxanthines equal to 100mg caffeine/cap), AminoSlim-4*, Ginseng Root extract (standardized to 80% ginsenosides), Aneurin DBE™ (Thiamine disulfide butyrate ester), Acai Berry 4:1 extract (standardized to 10% polyphenolic antioxidants), Cha'de Bugre 10:1 extract (standardized for purine metabolites)

    New Slim Xtreme by Anabolic Xtreme

    So what can Slim Xtreme do for you? Plenty. It seems almost unfair to put so many big things into one little pill.

    * Increased energy. SX delivers clean, jitter-free energy. So whether you’re working out or working round-the-clock, SX gives you the energy you need to be at the top of your game.
    * Increased stamina. Some so-called energy boosters pick you up higher than a kite, only to let you crash off a cliff in just a few hours when they wear off. Harsh!. SX, however, provides up to 12 hours of clean nonstop energy, without the jitters or the crash.
    * Increased calorie expenditure. If you think having all that energy must be doing something to your body, you’re right – SX is sharply accelerating the rate at which you burn off calories.
    * Suppressed appetite. Along with vaporizing those calories, guess what – Slim Xtreme is also obliterating your appetite. So you eat less (and whatever you do eat gets burned off instantly anyway).
    * Decreased weight. As you’ve already figured out yourself, less eating + faster metabolism = reduced weight (and a load off your mind). And speaking of your mind …
    * Improved mood and outlook. SX isn’t just about your body. It’s also for your head. Those who use it invariably report a profound sense of well-being, an all-day good feeling.
    * Improved mental focus. In today's multi-tasking, distraction-per-second world, everybody needs help staying focused. Slim Xtreme gives your brain the ability to zero in on what's important and stick with a project till it's done.

    First, begin by understanding what Slim Xtreme does for your body. SX delivers energy. But not any old energy. Clean, long-lasting, jitter-free energy. You don’t feel all wired and jittery. You just feel like whatever you have to do, you’ve got the energy to do it. So with more energy your body will burn calories at an increased rate.

    Then understand that as much good as SX does for your body, it’s equally important – maybe more so – what Slim Xtreme does for your mind. SX makes you feel great. We don’t mean physically – although of course it does that too – we mean emotionally, mentally and psychologically. It’s like a huge dose of -feel good- You’ll simply be in a great mood all day long.

    Now that you understand the energy enhancement and the mood elevation, it should come as no surprise that Slim Xtreme has a major appetite suppression effect. Think about it: You’re feeling great, you’re moving around all day burning calories at an increased rate – of course you’re not overeating or making poor dietary choices. It’s no secret: People eat out of depression, anger, and boredom. But get people moving around and feeling good and guess what: they eat like normal people, if they even think to eat at all. And hey, just in case you actually would still make poor dietary choices – we added in one of the strongest natural appetite suppressants available. Never before has a product increased energy and removed your appetite while keeping your mood extremely elevated.
    This message was paid for by the Russians

  2. lets get a rep on here,

    does the amino-4 ingredient (or whatever) still have the designer stim?
    This message was paid for by the Russians

  3. on another note, this was on the home page under "Just Added For June" and now its not there anymore. website glitch? the link still exists and as you can see its supposed to be in stock.
    This message was paid for by the Russians

  4. Considering it contains the same ingredient profile as the original formulation, I believe it was simply a website glitch.

  5. I won't be buying it.I remember taking the origanal version on a friday morning at around 8am and i didn't sleep untill 10pm saturday night.

  6. Stim Xtreme?
    If nothing else, the ingredients look interesting..

  7. Ifs prob the original without that stim.


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