Is it worth to buy "Cycle assist" or "Cycle support" while on juice?

  1. Question Is it worth to buy "Cycle assist" or "Cycle support" while on juice?

    I want to run my first cycle (deca and dbol), buy Im worried about having high BP.

  2. Either while your on dbol, and just hawthorn, cholestrol, and fish oil maybe saw palmetto should be fine on the rest of the cycle.

  3. Either should work well.
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  4. I won't run a cycle without cycle support. It keeps me doing well. I have always had good results with these they have everything in them so I don't have to take a fist full of pills every day.

  5. Yeah but he doesnt want to have to buy four months worth of the stuff... lol

  6. What is your normal blood pressure, and how high is it going up on cycle? My blood pressure is stable when off, but no herb, vitamin, supplement has been able to control it while on. I use a combination of vasotec+hctz right now, controls it perfect while on; seek physician advice if your blood pressure is not controlled below 135/85 IMO on cycle. Your using deca so you are going to be on for a long time, that can really damage your body.
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