I'm looking to harden up and drop some fat at the same time.
I was wondering if Formestane orally would elevate BP, as i dont want to
add to taking HotRox which i know does. I've used HotRox + 11-OXO with great results, but i've been reading great things about Formestane and dropping some water retention due to estrogen buildup, most of my past supps have been mostly Bold/epi, Bold/Propadrol, 3-AD/epi, PCT was clomid/transdermal form/nolva, gained mostly on all 3 cycles nicely, kept most of my gains.

what im taking now:
NitroCore 24
SciFit Krealkalyn
Fish oil
Flax seed oil
Flax seed (Nopalina, mostly for constant bowel movements)
Bold (but im doing some cutting, not taking it for now)