Hemavol, Anadraulic Pump, Leg day...OMG

  1. Hemavol, Anadraulic Pump, Leg day...OMG

    I tried Hemavol(10) with AP today(mixed in OJ) and did legs. The pump is incredible!!!!!!! My cutoff sweats are snug around my quads and my calfs are bulging with veins that were not there yesterday. Legs were quivering as I walk down the stairs leaving the gym. Went Arbys and got the large RB sandwich(46 gms protein)with some horseradish and a water and now I need a nap.

  2. damn, Arbys is good.

  3. wow! i know ur pain! when i was on hemavol i never took it when it was legs day...pump was to intense lol

  4. Very strange. I did the exact same thing today(arm/shoulder day) and can`t get a pump if I tried to buy one. Very weird. Just a normal workout.

  5. lmao, hemavol pumps are redic on its own, can't imagine stacking it with anadraulic pump!
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  6. ha awesome bro.. this is everyday for me.. because i take hemavol year round!
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  7. Hemavol is seriously some awesome stuff. Did a full upper body workout the other day and felt like a million bucks for 2-3 hours after.


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