Another Need Help post...

  1. Another Need Help post...

    First post, been reading forum for a few months and it's been a great source of motivation. I've Have had a lot of questions, but usually found my answer just by reading and searching. But now I need some advice/help , suggestions.

    Quick backround: 43yrs old. 5'11 tall. 205lbs.

    For the past 10 years, I've been lazy and diet wasn't great. Over those 10 years, I've tried a few times to get in shape, but nothing serious, I'd lose a few pounds and then go back to old ways. Weight has consistently been between 220 - 230. Was sick of feeling tired all the time and not having much energy.

    My current weight of 205, ( which I haven't been since the 1990's ) is the result of finally commiting to geting back in shape. I train 30 mins Hiit on a treadmill 4 days a week, 3 of those days weight training just before doing Hiit routine. I started this routine Jan. 20th, 2010. I've become somewhat muscular but have a ways to go, still carrying some fat around mid section. I think my ideal weight for my frame is about 190.

    My diet is fairly good, mostly chicken, turkey, beef sometimes, eggs, brown rice, veggies ( not much fruit though, not a fan, but I try, bananas, strawberry occasionally ). Maybe once per month, I'll share a pizza with the family, maybe a night of icecream, but thats it, then right back to eating what I call normal now.

    I'll give my supplements in 2 parts:

    My staples : Whey protein, Now's Adam Multi, PurpleWraath/Extend.

    Where I need help:

    I've been concerned about my Testosterone levels for about a year. Tiredness, fatigue, lack of energy and my libido wasn't what it was. I still have a decent sex drive, but I'm sure it's not where it was. I had been brushing it off to working long hours, being overweight, lack of proper sleep....or maybe it's just middle age setting in. After doing more research I've learned some of the effects Low T levels have on the body.

    So I had my Test checked with my Dr.

    Here are the results that he gave me....can you all help me to understand them better ie are they just a little low, normal or terrible? lol

    Testosterone Serum - 266
    Testost Free- 25.2
    Testost Bound - 67

    When I look in the mirror now, I've definitely transformed my body from what It was. My concern is, I thought I would feel better, have more energy a better feeling of wellness now that i've lost fat and became more fit. but truth is most days I feel like crap, beat up and tired. I've tried varying my workouts, more rest days, it doesn't seem to matter. Other than not always getting quality sleep I don't know whats going on...How important is proper sleep? Some days are good, but it's not consistant.

    Second part of Supplements: After receiving Test results....

    3 weeks taking Sustain Alpha and Testopro. Nothing dramatic as of yet. I just wanted to try, to see if it made any difference.

    This got longer than intended, sorry. thanks for reading, hopefull for advice/suggestions...everyone is so nice and helpful here...

  2. Meet up with a urologist and see what they recommend. There are quite a few things a proper blood panel can uncover that may help with finding a way to boost your natural test.

    Also once you hit 50 if your dipping under 200 I would consider TRT fo sho.

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