Possible Test Booster Stack

  1. Possible Test Booster Stack

    I bought the following about a month ago but initially didn't intend to use them as a single stack :

    AI Perform
    LG T-911
    Maca powder
    Primordial Performance Dermacrine (topical)
    Novedex XT

    Is there a good way to combine some or all of these into a stack?

  2. Dermacrine followed by T-911.

    Edit* you could take perform and T-911, hell of a libido boost.

  3. I would stray away from using AIs to "boost test" why not check out some of these natty test boosters and couple it with DAA and see how it goes.

  4. He said he already bought those products. He doesn't need to go out and buy anything. Just next time, DAA or other test boosters and not so much AI.

  5. yeah lol why you scared of aromtaze bro?

  6. ya i agree dermacrine topical, AI perform and T-911 would be great stack, better have a GF around or F-buddy, but maca and novedex may be best suited for PCT

  7. Thanks for the feedback. I guess I'll try to organize this, so I can run it for about eight weeks.


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