Wich is the best DIURETIC ?

  1. Wich is the best DIURETIC ?


    I was doing a search and i founded some diuretics........wich diuretic do you guys think it's better!?

    diuretics that i founded:
    Xtract by Axis Labs
    Absolute Nutrition Watershed 60 tablet
    CTD Diuretic Extreme 80 capsule
    MuscleTech Hydrazide 60 capsule
    NOW Foods Water Out 100 capsule
    SAN Shredded 70 capsule
    Sci-Fit Water Loss 120 capsule
    Scivation Showtime Advanced Water Pill 70 capsule
    Universal Nutrition Arbuterol H2-no 60 tablet
    Universal Nutrition Super Cuts3 130 tablet
    Vitol Herbal Diuretic 30 tablet
    MHP Xpel 80 capsule

  2. Ive used Xpel in the past & would again

  3. Get something cheap that is stimulant free, and stack with some EC.

  4. Just get some Dandelion Root and Uva Ursi.

    ~Team APPNUT
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Scott View Post
    Just get some Dandelion Root and Uva Ursi.

    ~Team APPNUT
    ^^ x2 on this. A place i know sells Dandelion root and uva ursi extract in a Liquid form. it's all you'll need. That and a lot of water. make sure you're intaking proper amounts of electrolytes or you will feel like doodoo.

  6. Caffeine

  7. Diuretics will only do so much without proper hyperhydration/depletion.

    Everyone thinks they work wonders just by taking them randomly and upping their water because their help flush a bit of subQ out. But what they don't realize is how to yield the true benefits of a diuretic and turn the other cheek.

  8. Whenever I drink a diet coke, I have to take a whiz within 20 minutes. And I always seem to whiz out a lot more than I took in :P

  9. Quote Originally Posted by felost View Post
    MuscleTech Hydrazide 60 capsule
    Well, you'd certainly be pissing your money away...


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