Supplements that could alter kidney values

  1. Supplements that could alter kidney values

    Just got blood work done last week. Overall everything looked good except for my kidney values. They were:

    BUN -32H (Ref Range 5-26)
    Creatinine, Serum - 1.43H (Ref Range 0.76 - 1.27)

    I immediately threw it off because I know Creatine supplementation can alter these values. But the weird thing is after looking at my supplement stack I realized I wasn't taking anything with Creatine in it. My stack includes the following

    Controlled Labs - White Flood
    USP Labs - OEP
    PES - AT2
    DS - Lean Xtreme
    Protein Powder - NutraPro
    Multi Vitamin (One a Day)

    Other than that, I'm on a Carb Cycling diet so my protein consumption is a little higher than normal which I know can stress kidney function. Do any of you guys have an idea if the supplements I'm taking could put stress on the kidneys.

    Thanks for any input you can provide. I've got another appt. in 2 weeks to recheck values.

  2. It is not really correlated to creatine. People think creatinine and creatine are the same thing; hell I even use to before I became a nurse.

    BUN/Creatinine levels can be falsely elevated for numerous reasons. If you are dehydrated, your BUN will go up..if you ate a large protein meal, the values may be altered, if you just worked out, or even within the last 24 hours or even longer, your creatinine may be higher. There are many variables that can alter that reading. Being a littler larger in size, muscle wise will slightly increase creatinine although your value is not slightly increased; it is a tad high.

    I would not be overly concerned, and I am not aware of any specific supplement of steroid that directly effects these other than tren.

    How if your blood pressure?
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. Thanks for the reply CB. My blood pressure at the time of blood drawn was 130/78.

    Yeah I know Creatine is totally different than Creatinine levels but I've been getting my levels checked for years, and everytime I'm on Creatine my kidney values are high and everytime I'm off, there in the normal ranges except for this year.

  4. bump for response from Critical Bench

  5. Interesting, I don't know what to say. I'm a nurse, a physician would be your best bet to solve this.
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