Most effective cutting cycle?

  1. Most effective cutting cycle?

    Hey everyone im new to the forum but hopefully gain that much more knowledge about the sport here i am about to start a 6-8 week cutting phase and ive been outta the supplement game for a while besides the normal aminos protein and the occasional PH im looking for a very strong and effective cutting stack any suggestions im used to the real stuff but cant go that route anymore so im looking for the next best thing but i dont even know where to begin with all the choices right now im

    6" tall
    217 lb
    16% BF
    BP 405
    SQ 450

    thanks guys

  2. thermos- adipoxil, Oxyelite Pro both are good options
    non-stim to stack with - Lean Xtreme, TT-33
    iForce Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

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