What should Keith run?!

  1. What should Keith run?!

    As the title suggests, I would like to know what I should run for the next month, if anything

    List of crap I have:
    MMv3 x2 bottles
    Methyl-1D x1 XL bottle
    Natadrol x2 bottles
    Formadrol x1 bottle
    T-911 x 3 bottles
    NO Ignite

    I am going on leave from Iraq in July, around the end of the month. Should I run anything up there near the top for the 5-6 weeks I have before I go? Or should I just hold off and wait til I get back..

    I had some staples sent home to wait for me, and will TRY to hit the gym as often as I can, but between the travelling to visit people and such, its very possible that my workouts will consist of pushups situps and a run, maybe pullups if I find some random piece of wood or bar or something to do a pullup on lol.

    There will be much drinking and eating also for those 2 weeks

    And last but not least, I have a few hot dates + will be in the bars tryin to get sum and do NOT want any acne popping up.

    Also, I don't know why I put the whole list on there, I suppose I am getting proud of my stash o.O

  2. I'd run that Natadrol and M1D for sure. Either that, or just get some Hdrol...good stuff.

    Start with 6 Natadrol for week 1, then ramp up to 8 ED for weeks 2-6. Throw in the M1D weeks 4-6.

    Edit: t-911 weeks 7-10 for PCT for the natadrol and M1D.

  3. Those up there are already on the way, found a damn good deal on them and could not resist, think I paid like 120 total or something.

  4. I put on six pounds of lean muscle running that stack and kept it all in PCT.

    Getting ready to start a six week cycle of Pmag and 1-T in two weeks. It should be a good run.

  5. I've been training HARD for awhile, I think running this and absolutely crushing my body then taking 2 weeks off will be $$

    Especially if I get laid...fuggin Iraq

  6. id say take whatever you want now except for the hormonal stuff.then just enjoy your leave and dont worry about working out, when you get back you can start with slightly lower weight which will be a kind of hst training.then you can start with the stuff and you will make great gains.much better idea than trying to maintain gains while on your leave, imo.


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