Whatcha taking?

  1. Whatcha taking?

    I'm sure this question gets old... but I was just curious what supplements you guys take that you consider "staples" and what supplements you like to throw in the line up from time to time (lets omit things like multi-v, we all know to take these things).

    As for me, I pretty much take creapure, beta-alanine, whey, BCAA all the time.

    Stir things up by various pre-w/o (jack3d is my favorite, NO-shotgun close second), booster like testopro or battlefuel.

  2. Staples
    Vit C
    Vit D
    Vit E
    Fish oil
    Beta Alanine
    Pre- Workouts (Jac3d, NO Ignite, NO Shotgun)

    Current Cycle
    PCT = Formadrol

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