Natadrol/methyl 1D/Masterdrol Question

  1. Natadrol/methyl 1D/Masterdrol Question

    Looking at doing a stack with 2 of the above...

    I've read lots of logs where people have like 89 bottles of each and take higher than directed doses...

    Question is: Which of the two should I buy and how much should I buy lol.

    Looking at doing the trifecta stack and saving a few bucks, but I think its only 2 weeks worth at 6/day. + people seem to love natadrol.

    Lookin to take advantage of the memorial day sale, probably wont run the stack for a couple months

  2. I would stick with the tried and true M1-D and MMv3.

    XL bottle will dose at 4 a day for a month, and formadrol for 20 bucks? Better than the trifecta stack package, imo.

    I wouldn't dose MM over 6 a day, some people do go 8 or 9 with M1-D though.

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