Abs said what?

  1. Abs said what?

    Time to bring them back boys. I am adding some new goodies to my supplements. I would appreciate any suggestions/ tweaks in dosages/ I think I know what's best, listen to me crap. Thanks.

    ALCAR = 2g
    Green Tea extract = 1200mg
    R-ala = 600mg
    Biotin = 3mg
    L-tyrosine = 1000mg?
    Pyruvate = 6g

    Also might add Body Octane with some taurine or V12 turbo.

  2. you might think about some choline, b6, folic acid, and vitamin c to help the tyrosine do its job.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jay Mc
    you might think about some choline, b6, folic acid, and vitamin c to help the tyrosine do its job.

    I always take vit C but what about the others that helps with tyrosine?

  4. choline you should take about twice as much as tyrosine, so if you are taking 1g tyrosine take about 2g choline. As far as exact dossages on B6 and FA I'm not sure. I usually just take one capsule. I base all this on a study that showed tyrosine was more effective when combined with these vitamins. Also be sure you take the tyrosine on an empty stomach.

  5. looks good, just expensive as hell compared to an ECY stack or clen

  6. agreed - i just gave up my anarchy stack - too expensive. And from past experiences - other compounds work better for me.

  7. Looks good..
    Only things I would tinker with are maybe upping ALCAR to like 3.5 g and some would argue that if you eat eggs, the Biotin isn't necessary. Also, one thing you may want to look into that has worked awesome for me is mega dosing Taurine. I've been taking between 10-20 grams everyday and I like it better than creatine or any other cell-volumizing product I've ever used (but I'm a creatine non-responder)


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