Anyone used Scifit Kre-Alkalyn Creatine?

  1. Anyone used Scifit Kre-Alkalyn Creatine?

    I just bought 2 bottles.....1.5 grams per capsule. The bottle said no need to load. I am loading anyway. Just wondering if anyone uses this and what dosage is most effective.

  2. no need to load mate,i use AAEFX 2 caps 1 hour pre workout,2 caps straight after

  3. used em a long time nuffin. Then again, from experience over the last few years..creatine does jack for me I cant really comment I guess.

  4. i used their powder not capsules and was very impressed. strength was of the hook. but i was taking like 3-4 grams before and after
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  5. Yeah, I decided not to load. Have drank a ton of water over the past 2 days and I swear I could already tell I was taking creatine. I have always responded well to creatine....first time I got on it I had very significant strength and size gains but my buddy was taking the very same creatine and he really got nothing.....weird how that works but I had people making comments about me getting bigger and he literally could not tell he was on anything.



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