Trying to gain?

  1. Trying to gain?


    Im new to all of this. I will give you a little background information. I approx. weight about 130. I am about 5, 10 inch tall. I have a really fast metabolism. And i have a hard time trying to gain weight.

    So anyways i have just starting working out. I am currently using Jack 3d before my work out. I am also taking one package of animal Pak during my lunch at 12. The after my workout i drink a glass of milk with isomass weight gainer. I have been on this routine for about 2 weeks now. Im just wondering if there is anything else i should try. Im looking to gain around 30 pounds and look lean and cut with muscles. My friend did it so im just wondering how i can do it too.

  2. I would buy a nutrient partitioner like anabolic pump and pslin to force feed your muscles with carbs to draw water and amino's into the cells. Take those and jack your carb intake up, you will def gain.
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  3. Good Call ^^^

  4. YEP carbs is the key. and maybe throw in some uni liver. food. you should be eating like 3000-4000 cals a day.

    let me tell you a story my friend was 130 lbs at 16 years old he worked out hard and ate like 8 times a day and he's like 210 lbs solid and ridiculously strong.

    what im trying to say is start eating
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