Increasing Test.

  1. Increasing Test.

    Three newb questions:

    I've been reading about various supps that increase testosterone levels and it seems to me that every supplement aimed at increasing test will (very generally speaking) fall under two categories; One category raises endogenous test levels and the other introduces exogenous test. Is this correct?

    If the above is true, can somone please point me to a source where I can find information on effective stacking of supplements that would increase endogeneous test levels. From what I've been reading it seems like there are multiple "fronts" in which natural test can be increased, and to me, this seems to indicate if you try to increase natural test levels a stack would be most effective. (as opposed to a stand alone supp.)

    For those of you who have tried to increase endogenous test levels and later moved on to an exogenous source (i.e. prohormone/steroids), why did you make this decision? Was it the ineffictiveness of endogenous test boosters? (im struggling to find reasons for the switch here, so please fill me in )

    Finally, sorry for the lengthy post. Also, I hope this isnt an inappropriate place to post these questions. Thanks in advance for your time.

  2. you can also "free up" or lower the binding of the testosterone u have already which will basically increase the test u can use for other purposes. from what i understand, the free testosterone level is all that matters. ive always had great results with stinging nettle http://www.****************/product/n...-50-grams.html

    people move to steroids because they want faster results, if your diet and training are in check you should have good results with test boosters

  3. intrducing exogenous test is considered a hormonal supplement and only way ot do that is steroids, even prohormones arent exogenous TEST but they ARE exogenous hormones sometimes, in which those are called designer steroids, other are prohormones which are compounds that convert to target hormones in the body,

    the other hand are called natural testosterone boosters which do a few things and each and everyone is different, they increae Lutenizing hormone production to stimulate testosterone production, others will convert BOUND test to FREE test, and the newest ones are d-aspartic acid, which convert cholesterol to testosterone in the body and they are an amino acid supplement "technically" some of the best free test boosters are testopro, and the best D-aspartic acid supplement ive seen is TCF-1

  4. In addition to what's been can reduce estrogen levels since some test is naturally converted to estrogen and when the body senses lower estrogen levels it naturally increases test production in an effort to keep up.
    Most steroids shuttle water and carbs into muscles, sort of an advanced partitioning effect, creating larger fuller muscles. In a way natural supps cannot duplicate.

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