tapering from raloxifene? increase in estrogen?

  1. tapering from raloxifene? increase in estrogen?

    is it necessary to taper from raloxifene? is it true that ralox causes more estrogen in your body?

  2. SERMs are synthetic estrogens my friend. I believe SERMs increase E2 levels.

  3. so why does raloxifene supposedly lessen gyno in some people? wouldnt an AI be better for that?

  4. Ralox selectively inhibits estrogen from binding to its specific receptors in the nipple region. Gyno thrives off of estrogen, when ralox interferes with that binding connection rending the receptors useless, the gyno mass basically starves.

    Yes, I would taper Ralox but not a great deal. Letro, adex, etc. are much more essential to slowly taper.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  5. i guess im still a little lost as to what the atd products bring to the table in this whole gyno ridding process. i get the serm part.

  6. can anyone explain and clear this up for me?

  7. Bump for any answers to these questions...


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