Testopro question!

  1. Testopro question!

    I am de-loading this week and next Tuesday I will start lifting heavy again. My question is this: Should I start taking Testopro next Monday (the day before I start heavy lifting) or next Tuesday morning (the day that I start heavy lifting)?

    Here is what my schedule will look like next week and throughout the 30 days of supplementing Testopro:

    Tuesdays - Max Effort Lower Body and Abs
    Thursdays - Max Effort Upper Body
    Saturdays - Max Effort Lower Body and Abs
    Sundays - Repetition Upper Body

    Essentially, I am following Joe DeFranco's WS4SB3 program. I've had great gains thus far using WS4SB3.

  2. It doesn't matter... lol

  3. As already said, it doesn't matter.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. lol bro. I say take it a 1159pm monday over a 2 minute period (swallow slowly), right in between monday and tuesday. Just busting your balls bro, in good fun.
    Back.... for real this time

  5. takes about a week to kick in anyway.... yeah it doesnt really matter haha
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  6. LOL. I just received the bottle. I am totally hyped. It is almost a tease that I will wait a week to start taking Testopro. I'll be keeping a log to track my progress.

  7. For most people it seems to take about 4 days for them to really feel it... if you wanted to give yourself an excuse to start taking it early.


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