7keto dosing in T-gel?

  1. 7keto dosing in T-gel?

    I haven't been able to find the recommended dosage for 7keto done transdermaly, anyone know how much should/can go into 4oz of t-gel? and is there anything you have successfully added to the gel with 7keto?

    Thanks in advance


  2. 7-oxo dermal

    look down about 20 posts.

  3. I think you can safely add up to 7 grams in a bottle of T-Gel.

    Apparently it is more gritty then some powders and requires heating in a hot water bath to reach saturation.

  4. thanks,

    Goldy how much were you dosing it at transdermally? (ie pumps per day)


  5. I scoured avantlabs forum again and found that FL7 was 100mg at full dose.

    So putting 7g in the t-gel would result in 116mg per pump, close enough for me. So, does anyone know if this is still a recommended dosage (I don't know why it wouldn't be but can't hurt to ask)? and, would I need to spread out the dosage or would one application in the morning be ok?

    Again, thanks in advance.




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