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    Anyone else having stomach problems? I can usually stomach anything. The only thing I know that hated me was Super Pump (or dump) 250 due to magnesium
    I had major stomach issues with testforce. I think it was the calcium cuz I had no issues with tcf1 which has sodium instead of calcium.

  2. Are you guys eating a meal and then taking it? My stomach is really sensitive and does well using that method. I have acid reflux issues and an ulcer at one point.

  3. Good question, Primal2. I was thinking about pulling the trigger until I read about the stomach problems. Can anyone chime in here?

  4. No stomach issues here at all.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by lonewolf0420 View Post
    So far, Great. I could feel it within the first week. Sex drive and "feeling" have sky rocketed. A bit better well-being I think. What I find hilarious is the increase in semen volume.

    I'm also supplementing with Stoked, which could be aiding in the libido increase do too being stacked. I'm no stranger to Stoked, its never given me this kinda of boost.

    I'd love to try 6gr a day, but that's just to much $$.

    I'm almost out. I am definitely getting more of this stuff. I'm also wondering if I could get the same results with bulk DAA.

    Oh, and as far as the stomach issues. Never fails......
    That's just me.
    is the increase in libido still there?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Imeniaan View Post
    is the increase in libido still there?
    Yes, but not as prominent, thank goodness. I think I exhausted myself a little

  7. need daa for my pct mr royd do you reccomend this product thank you

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jodenem99 View Post
    need daa for my pct mr royd do you reccomend this product thank you
    Absolutely. It's one of the best if not the best daa product out.
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