1. 6-bromo

    hi im new to this forum this my first 3d (i apologize with everyone for my bad english, im from UE). actually i ve been around here for mounths and i ve read tons of 3ds about 6-bromo and in particular about hyperdrol (by ax).

    my question is: i still have 2 bottles at home...what should i do in your opinion? because i ve read about the 6-bromo alpha isomer conversion into 6-bromotesto (although it's not proved); i ve heard about its breakdown into andro; i ve read about the possible confusion related to the nomenclature

    from the others side i ve seen some bloodworks which showed a good impact of hyperdrol in hormones levels after a cycle and lots of good review...

    im very confused...
    thaks all

  2. I take it as an AI. I like it so far. my second favorite AI next to ATD. I like that fact that it does not dry me out like ATD does.

  3. id like to but what about all those rumors..? would aPCT be safer as a standalone..?they are different because of the differences in the isomers ratio i know..
    i worry about the andro that was found in it...i know it was a tiny amount but i ask myself what was it doing there.. (the andro in the hyperdrol) sorry for my english =)
    hmmm...i fell in love with this product after i ve read the good review but now im worried..

  4. Quote Originally Posted by wastedwhiteboy2 View Post
    I take it as an AI. I like it so far. my second favorite AI next to ATD. I like that fact that it does not dry me out like ATD does.
    Why don't you want to dry out with an AI?

    Original poster: I don't understand, what is your concern with 6-bromo?

  5. I think wasted is referring to his joints drying out. As for my experience with 6-bromo, I was one of the original loggers of hyperdrol X2 on here a few years back, I thought it was legit stuff, solid gains and relatively little side effects. I wouldn't be concerned about health or safety of it at all.

  6. yep my joints get too dry sometimes.

  7. Ran 6-Bromo standalone once and wasn't particularly impressed with it... I got noticeable mood swings and just didn't like the way it made me feel mentally.

    I much prefer transdermal Formestane


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