D-Asp for women

  1. D-Asp for women

    I talked to my GF about D-Asp and told her simply that the D-Asp gets trapped in the pituitary and testes and makes them work harder to produce the hormones that are normally secreted there. She asked me if she took it would her estrogens go higher? She thinks she'd benefit but I don't even know if it works like that in women? Does it go to their pituitary and ovaries? I read some studies that it does on PubMed, but do any females have experience with this?

    I mean if she wants it, I'd glady oblige her and get it. I mean more estrogen and hormones on her mean more slippery, more horny, and over time larger breas tissue. Yay

    Yes, I'm terrible. Don't remind me

  2. Hard to say. Theres a lot we don't know, and if you look at the original DAA thread, youll see a lot of concern about the lack of research. Female fitness would probably be a good place to get some ladies opinions.

  3. This question was posted over at the Primordial Performance website. They are the ones who make TCF-1 (D-Asp). Here is what Eric (the founder) said:

    I think TCF-1 is safe for women, and it would probably amplify hormone production in a women just as dramatically as a man.

    Again, its not going to be a pure testosterone boost, but a boost across all hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, DHEA and androgens... proportionate to what you produce now... just more of it.


  4. This sounds like it could raise some bad hormones in a man if it's raising "all hormones".

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kingdong View Post
    This sounds like it could raise some bad hormones in a man if it's raising "all hormones".
    In the above-context he was just talking about women. D-Asp increases the speed at which the testes convert cholesterol to testosterone and it boost the output of LH, which signals the testes to produce more T.

    I posted the original study on this board somewhere. It's also cited in the write up for TCF-1 here:



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