ergoburn vs oep

  1. ergoburn vs oep

    can anyone that has used both (or have prior experience with ergoburn) tell me how how the two compare

  2. ErgoBurn is mostly just stimulants, where as OEP is stimulants with a little more to offer IMO. I like the synergy of OEP's ingredients. That is why we recommend this to so many people:
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  3. I have used an entire bottle of OEP and two 7 day trial bottles of Ergoburn.

    I prefer Ergoburn but it might not be too good of a comparison because I had my diet/training down strict when I used ergoburn in comparison to when I used OEP and my diet was pretty subpar at that point.

    That being said, I should also note I had to dose Ergoburn at 3 caps instead of 2 because I'm highly addicted to caffeine.

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