1. MYO-T12

    anybody have any experience with this?

  2. Little expensive for my taste and I suspect for a others as well.

  3. im willing to pay the price if it does what it claims...anybody use it or kw anybody who did

  4. Don't remember what site it was on but there was a log where a guy ran 4 jugs and only gained 3 1/2 pounds
    I will work for supplements!

  5. hahaha damn that sucks

  6. Got to love paying $400 to gain 3 1/2 pounds
    I will work for supplements!

  7. From the MYO-T12 website Q&A:

    "Is there any actual evidence to suggest that 3 months of supplementing with MYO-T12tm will increase muscle mass?

    There is currently no conclusive proof that shows three months of supplementing with MYO-T12 will produce an increase of muscle mass in everyone who takes it this way simply because this research has yet to be performed. We can only extrapolate what we know from other published research about serum myostatin and how reducing its level effects muscle mass."

    Pharmaceutical companies are working on drugs. I'd wait on those before trying this. But anything that suppresses GDF-8 is an interesting prospect.


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