CytoSport Vasostat - NO + arginase enzyme blocker? opinions!

  1. CytoSport Vasostat - NO + arginase enzyme blocker? opinions!

    couple of new NO products , first off which has as actives

    L - Citrulline
    L - Citrulline-malate
    L - Norvaline
    and there enzyme blocker ZymeBlock ( arginase antagonist)
    total 510mg per cap

    Only VASOSTAT knocks out the enzyme that destroys up to 90% of other product's effectiveness. VASOSTAT takes advantage of the suppressed enzyme using the super effective "Citrulline-Arginine-NO pathway" to boost NO levels.

    VASOSTAT is the most effective NO (nitric oxide) amplifier ever. It's the only product to defeat the enzyme arginase that limits other formulas. VASOSTAT helps you obtain higher and longer NO production that goes beyond mere muscle pumps to muscle growth.

    VASOSTAT suppresses the enzyme that destroys 90% of other product's NO potential. VASOSTAT is far more efficient, so less is needed. Just two capsules twice per day are sufficient, while some power users take 3 capsules 45-60 minutes before workouts.

    but, but but, 180g of Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate (A-AKG) goodness for $27.99 , and thats cheap ( not being a NO experimenter yet I'm not sure if A-AKG is that effective though, you'll tell me I trust )

    what do you guys think of stacking these two products to get the best of both worlds?

    I figure 2 1g pills of nitric boost and 1 of the cytosport vasostat per serving 2 times a day might be a nice stack? especially with san V12 thrown in.

    so watcha think my brothers!!

    ahem, feeling dramatic today! blame silly females who cant decide one way or another and alternately ignore and chase you. :end rant:

  2. Can't imagine the content of Citruline-Malate is high enough for the product to work

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