Best skin tightening lotion/cream..??

  1. Best skin tightening lotion/cream..??

    Anyone know of any?

  2. Some of our female figure and bikini competitors swear by Lipoburn. They say it's the only topical they can use that won't make them retain water.

  3. I heard prep h (the kind with shark skin) works really good when you put it on before tanning.

  4. Ya prep-h would do it. haha. Make that skin pucker!

  5. What about more permanent though? Because the prep h might only last a day or a few hours don't you think?

  6. Flawless does a great job.

  7. I vote for flawless as well. I'm impressed with this product, and I've tried a few. One small tub goes an awful long way too.

  8. There is nothing otc per say that will permanantly tighten skin. Prep H + Absoultion plus before bed every night should hold you over most of the next day.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  9. Anything that I could get ahold that would tighten it permanently?

  10. vitamin E?...

  11. Throw some prep h on before you go walk around the beach and it should last as long as youre on the beach.


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