nano vapor and surfing

  1. nano vapor and surfing

    I use muscletech nano vapor before surf sessions, get great endurance and i feel an increase in body temperature within 30 minutes. Noticed how it made made face feel warm at the gym so I gave it a shot while surfing. I prefer Jacked for my gym workout. Anyone else have good experience outside the gym with supplements?

  2. creatine... running from the cops

  3. N.O. GH/Test boosters, Bar Brawls.

  4. RPM.... for pretty much everything

    I hear Jacked is great for hangovers

  5. superdrol-Shooting Taliban.

  6. It's tempting to take energy products for social recreation, but Im afraid of building a tolerance.

  7. It'll buff out.

  8. Test booster to help me be a man whore lmao

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BigBeazy View Post
    It'll buff out.
    Could you explain this comment? Not being a ****. I just don't get it.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by kingdong View Post
    Could you explain this comment? Not being a ****. I just don't get it.
    It will Buff Out. Kinda like Be Alright. Like when you buff a scratch off a car, It Buffs out.


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