Stack - Supremacy + Ebol routine and opinions

  1. Stack - Supremacy + Ebol routine and opinions

    Planning to run Neogenix Supremacy and TL Ebol for the next 8 weeks for a bulk with some fatloss thrown in. Will also be using LX for the first 3 weeks (thats how much of a bottle I have left)

    1 Supremacy 3 x a day 15 mins before each major meal
    2 Ebol 3 x a day with each major meal
    LX 3 x a day as directed for 3 weeks

    Orange Triad, Fish oils, and BCAAs.

    I have creatine mono and greenmag, not sure which creatine I'll use. What would you do?

    Routine Im thinking will be:

    M:chest T:back W:Arms Th:shoulders F:legs weekend off to recover.
    I'm open to criticism of a routine to do along with the stack. Will be doing 30-34mins fasted cardio 3-5 days a week for three weeks with LX.

    please advise, thanks guys.

  2. bump because no one ever responds to my threads

  3. what exactly are you asking?

  4. Yea what are you asking, everything likes fine. About the creatine, go with mono IMO.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  5. Creapure



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