somidren gh

  1. somidren gh

    so last night i took this about 30 mins before i wanted to be asleep, but it kept me up for about an hr and a half. I then woke up abut every hour. Im gonna try it again tonight i hope it goes better

  2. any ideas why i had such bad sleep and woke up every hour on this ?

  3. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    did you take it on an empty stomach?

  4. For me it toke a couple of nights to get used to. Try the rest of the week to see if it get better.

  5. yea i took it on an empty stomach, tried it again last night and it went a lot better, feel asleep in like 10 mins, only woke up like 2 times and some weird dreams.



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