Kre-Alkalyn replacing Creatine?????

  1. Angry Kre-Alkalyn replacing Creatine?????

    i was told that kre-alkalyn may be essentially replacing creatine wtf?!?! is that even possible with all the die hard creatine fans (me included). it may become much more popular but do you realy think it will become popular enough to put creatine makers out?!!

  2. it is creatine

  3. it's not creatine monohydrate though is it??

  4. i dont know what to say to this.....ehhhh, im out.

    another thread headed to the graveyard.

  5. No its not mono, and it will never replace mono. Its gonna phase out just like ethyl ester, its garbage...

  6. Creapure #1 !!!!!!!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by RCL86 View Post
    Its gonna phase out just like ethyl ester, its garbage...
    I agree.
    Just inject.

  8. It is Mono, Just with a PH buffer.

  9. Kre-alkalyn is marketing B.S IMO. I actually saw a study somewhere that disproved all the claims that were made about the PH buffering process.


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