Is this supplement good??? Was recommended to me

  1. Is this supplement good??? Was recommended to me

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  2. Too many smileys without reason, must kill..........*takes a deep breath* and looks at picture of puppies.


  3. I believe that is a steroid, not a careful what people recommend if its to put it in your body, and always consider if they recommend not putting it in your body.

    In this case, dont use it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CAM300 View Post
    Armor Nutrition - Sustabol

    The shop where I got it at, the guy is really cool and has recommended it to me for a bit. But this is like a testosterone, so I didn't want to mess with that, but I'm done!!
    Like a Test? It is, or it isn't.

  5. It most certainly isn't a supplement. Normally supplements are oral.

    This ones for the anabolics forum.

    Should have heavy sides, high line, prostrate, aggression.

    Probably safer to use Test E



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