Resveratol for spinal health?

  1. Resveratol for spinal health?

    I was browsing through the Reader Mail on T-Nation just a minute ago and in one of the replies TC mentioned using resveratol for spinal health. Granted the study he cited was performed in cattle and I haven't cruised for an abstract yet, but does anyone have anything to add to this?

    I found out three weeks ago that the lower back problems I've been experience for the past two years are due to a ruptured disc (go f***ing figure). Has anyone had any experience with resveratol alleviating/restoring spinal health?


  2. Resveratrol seems to do many positive things for the human body. Ill have to take a look at that study posted as I am curious. I know many users of our resveratrol product enjoy using it and experience positive benefits.

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  3. I experienced joint pain on rezveratrol. I guess Im to strong for my wn good, and I can use all the estrogen.

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