Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Creatine

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  1. Great thread here people, just bumping it for the new members....


  2. Bump from the dead!

    This post has been an excellent source of creatine information to someone such as myself who is trying get into creatine supplementation but seeking as much education beforehand. So far this has really kept to the well educated or those who are curious and ask questions that are intelligent. I like everything being in a nice neat package here. With so much variable information and opinions floating around, as well as just the sheer mass of posts it makes it hard for someone to find anything. Its like a needle in a haystack. Could someone compare/contrast the differences, advantages, and disadvantages between the different variations of creatines available? (I.E. Monohydrate, CEE, etc)

  3. Yeah that would be nice to see. There are so many different kinds out there now and it's hard to keep them all straight.

  4. Why was that one guy banned? This info is very useful.


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