1. Firedrol?

    I cant find any thing on it? is it good? crap? has any one tryed it?

  2. This stuff?

    Nothing in it is gonna kill you, atleast. Lol

  3. One cycle of FireDrol™ legal prohormone testosterone formula will raise Free-Testosterone in the blood and your Testosterone levels by 1500%.
    I could pass that up for around $30!

  4. >Pygeum Africanum Extract (25% Total Sterol)(Bark)
    The above is interesting.

    Otherwise nothing new. The problem with the blend is that it lacks I3C.

    It appears to be freeing test (Davinil/Fenu.) but not blocking the corresponding estrogen boost.

    >Cissus Quadrangularis, Tongkat ali (Long jack),
    The above, particularly tongkat depends on the quality. Low quality is bunk.

    I suspect that Saw Palmetto is overdosed - just my opinion.

  5. The 1500% boost is complete junk by the way.

    If it works well a 10% boost would be expected.



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