quick ZMA question

  1. quick ZMA question

    my ZMA bottle has directions for men and women. It says for men to take 3 capsules but women to take 2..... im only 125-130 lbs, do i follow the woman dosage?

  2. depends what's between your legs...

    IMO you'd be fine with 3 fella -- should be about 30mg of zinc. ZMA is zinc and magnesium, men need more zinc than women and i doubt weight really effects the issue. although you are pretty light -- just be sure you aren't taking too much zinc -- you will also find zinc in your multivitamin and possibly other supps.

  3. how much woudl u say woudl be too much............ what are signs of too much zinc?

  4. upset stomach is the sign of too much zinc.

    don't take zinc close to when you've had anything containing calcium -- calcium blocks the absorption of zinc

    also don't be afraid to use google my friend. there's plenty of readily available info on the zinc out there.

  5. also, how old are you and what are you trying to get out of taking zinc?

  6. i would take the dosage for men, but then again i am not a doctor. its not that much a difference in my opinion

  7. ZMA is just supposed to clear up zinc and magnesium defciencies, so it all depends on how deficient you might be. At your fitness level, it may be easy to get enough. Of course, I have no idea weather you run marathons or what you do.

  8. I'm taking 30mg Zinc before bed (ZMA) and 15mg in the morning (it's in my multivitamin). I haven't had any issues. I sleep like a rock on the stuff

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  9. lol @ you calling yourself a woman

  10. Quote Originally Posted by pctforeal View Post
    lol @ you calling yourself a woman

    ha just tryin to not kill myself lol


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