Reversitol (not V2) need to be cycled?

  1. Reversitol (not V2) need to be cycled?

    Im finishing up my last week of reversitol now after a havoc pct, 7days left. Its been 5 weeks since i came off havoc and Im going to begin to cut slowly now, Im running prime and I want to run reversitol along side throughout my cut (I have one bottle left from before the ban)

    Question is, how long do you need between bottles of reversitol, if any at all? I know Ive heard really good results from running it standalone and think it would work well during my cut with prime.

  2. You could keep going on the reversitol for another 4 weeks. That puts you at 8 total which is fine
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  3. nice thanks for the quick response! What do you think would be more effective, 2/2/2/2 or 3 weeks at 3/3/2?

  4. for stacking with the prime? I would do 2 caps a day for 30 days
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