PPC: The Most Overlooked Liver Supp?

  1. PPC: The Most Overlooked Liver Supp?

    A while back, I was reading about a compound that steroid users were taking for liver support called "Compound N." It's also known as polyenylphosphatidyl choline or PPC (brand name: PhosChol).

    I've taken a product called "HepatoPro" for the last three cycles I've run over the past few years. My AST/ALT levels never went above the normal ranges on any of my blood tests, whether during/after the cycles. Not that this proves anything, but it's worth mentioning that my ALT levels were really high during a prior cycle where I took only the regularly-discussed liver support supps.

    I always read about NAC and milk thistle, and they certainly have merit in this regard, but IMO the PPC is worth looking into. I know there are studies out there that indicate its effectiveness, as I remember the guy from Cognitive Nutrition posting them on several forums last year. I'll see if I can dig them up later.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share. I've mentioned this compound in other threads, but I figured it was worth discussing again. It could very well be that PPC is an overlooked supplement.

    Article on Ergo-Log:
    Supplement protects steroids users’ livers

    Info on PhosCol:
    Liver Protection

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