I need advice! someone please help

  1. I need advice! someone please help

    I just started taking Jack3d and cell tech hardcore pro series on monday. I take the cell tech in the morning when i wake up and then right after workout. And jack3d 30 mins before workout. The cell tech is like only a 10 day supply because of the loading stage and everything. After its all gone, should I pick up a simple Micronized creatine after that and take that to finish the month cycle? and what else should I stack with these that will give me better results?

  2. Their is no need to load on the CELL TECH. You can stop loading, and only use cell tech post workout, or one scoop pre, and one post. This way you divide the carbs up, and its not such a huge amount at once.

    You can take the Cell tech 1 scoop with the jack3d. Their is also no need to cycle creatine. Once a year you can come off and cleanse the system to clean your receptors. That is enough. I would also get a tub of primordial performance BCAA Powder, or EXTEND. I would start drinking that during the workout, and finish it by the time your workout is complete.

    I would purchase another creatine supplement like size on, or if money is tight a good micronized, to mix with wazimaize, and bcaa's. 5-10 gm bcaa post workout with 40-50 gm carbs, and 5 gm creatine. That will keep you anabolic till you eat next. Make sure your next meal post training is a good one. Its a very important meal. GOOD LUCK

  3. cell tech is a waste of money.bulk creatine mono like they sell here at NP works just fine and its a fraction of the price

  4. Cell tech and muscle in general sucks. You should get creapure is the best protien and mono creatine has the best proven studies of effectiveness. Is kit much either.

  5. Correction: didn't mean protien meant creatine LOL sorry



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