just filled my shopping cart

  1. just filled my shopping cart

    How's this sound. Axis labs hemodrauix ...axis labs smash fl...sns adrea-g.....recor pro (bcaa)....and nutapro (protein)

    I'm already on smash and hemodraulix and loving it so I thought the adrena-g could only make it better..

    I needed protien and nutrapro was a good deal

    And I have never taken a bcaa product so I thought what the hell (take this inra ? ?)

    Also I already have polent creatine mono, now foods beta alanine, and now adam

    So what do you guys think? ?

  2. I'd grab the maximize v2 flash sale....$19.99

  3. Lg's Bcaa's is a great deal. & Anadraulic State GT, on sale for something like $22, regular price $30

    For Pre-Workout, Im loving the N.O. Ignite, and thats twenty bucks also.

    Nutra Pro is AMAZING.

  4. Went ahead and go the iforce max v2. Instead of the smash..had to at that price

  5. Quote Originally Posted by stopstalking View Post
    Went ahead and go the iforce max v2. Instead of the smash..had to at that price
    Awesome! You will be blown away by it

  6. well the final order is...

    axis labs hemodraulix
    i-force maxamize v2.
    sns adrena-g
    and nutrapro for my protein

    forgot to order bcaa's so i will get on that. I already have beta-aline,creatine mono,and a multi v.


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